GigaSpaces: POJOs offer more efficient storage in Java

GigaSpaces Technologies has integrated the Perst open source, object-oriented all-Java embedded database from McObject for real-time data management in its massively scaleable distributed enterprise application technology.

GigaSpaces embeds the Perst Java database in version 5.1 of its software, where Perst provides persistence for applications that are deployed and optimized using GigaSpaces' highly scalable, self-managing distributed solution.

Perst's all-Java architecture was a good fit for GigaSpaces. The company's software products are developed in Java, both for maximum portability across diverse enterprise platforms, and to take advantage of advanced Java capabilities, including JavaSpaces, a simple unified mechanism for dynamic communication, coordination, and sharing of objects between Java technology-based network resources.

Perst is specifically integrated within the GigaSpaces In-Memory Data Grid, as an embedded object-oriented database offered as an alternative to a relational database due to its superior performance and minimal resource (CPU cycles and memory) requirements.

GigaSpaces implements a unique space-based architecture that incorporates aspects of grid computing and service-oriented architecture and dramatically boosts the scalability and performance of both new and existing applications. GigaSpaces' software meets the requirements of high performance, low latency and grid-based applications, and adds new possibilities and flexibility by introducing advanced application design patterns.


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