Gold'en Rant : Websense security predictions make no sense

It's the time of year when IT security companies make predictions about what nasty stuff will hit us in the year ahead and Websense is ahead of the pack with releasing its predictions for 2007. The Web security firm says that the mob will start recruiting hackers in the year ahead, so as to "form a more organised cybercrime community."

"Organised criminals are realising that the Internet has been a largely untapped resource in terms of generating real profit, until now," said Dan Hubbard, Websense's vice president of security research. (Is he really the VP of a Security outfit? -Ed)

"With financial gain on the table, attack methods are improving, and the number of people involved is escalating. Tools and exploits to steal personal, business, and financial information are the hottest commodities for cybercriminals," he added in his press statement.

That's all very well and good Dan, but quite how you come to the conclusion that hackers will side with organised criminals, when there has been no definitive case of this ever happening to date, beats me.

It wouldn't have anything to do with the fact that most serious hackers tend to shun publicity and are therefore unlikely to counter such a ridiculous prediction, now, would it?

Googling Dan, Hubbard and Websense returns an astonishing 42,500 items from the popular search engine. Detailed examination of the search results reveals what a public relations lover Mr Hubbard is.

Just don't class all hackers as criminals - okay?