Panda Software Offers Its Users Eight New Free IT Security Bulletins

Panda Software is now offering free subscription to eight new digital newsletters for its users to provide the latest IT security news and alerts. These new bulletins are created in response to the growing need of users for up-to-the-minute information about Internet threats, thus helping to achieve the highest possible levels of protection for IT systems.

The new newsletters are:

1. Spyware Warnings -- Provides all the latest news about spyware with information about new examples, practical advice and such to help protect users' privacy.

2. IdentitySecure Warnings -- Bank fraud and identity theft are two of the biggest threats to users. Every week, this bulletin will report on new phishing attacks, banker Trojans, spoof job offers or any other threat to users' confidential data.

3. Panda PCSecurity -- A semi-monthly bulletin about IT security for home users with information about the latest threats along with advice and other news. It aims to provide key information to protect PCs against IT attacks.

4. Panda SMBSecure -- IT security bulletin for SMBs, this newsletter provides the latest information, white papers, tips, etc. to protect computers in small and mid-size companies.

5. Panda CorporateSecure -- IT security newsletter for large enterprises with technical information every two weeks about network security and first-hand news about the global security climate.

In addition, the company is producing three more specific newsletters, such as the monthly Panda Research, aimed at analysts, journalists and all those companies interested in following the latest trends in IT security.

Similarly, Panda PressNews is aimed at media professionals who want to receive daily bulletins with the latest news about Panda Software. And finally, Panda Corporate is a bulletin containing corporate information about Panda Software: company development, opening of new offices, interviews with company executives and other related topics.

These newsletters come in addition to Oxygen3 24h-365d and Virus Alerts, which have been providing news on IT security and virus threats to over half a million users the world over.

Users can subscribe to these free bulletins simply by visiting this page.


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