Say hello to Opera 9.1 - complete with fraud protection

Well, it may be Christmas/New Year and everybody and their granny is off work, but here at Gold mansions we're still operational, even if no-one else is.

News just in is that Opera Software has released v9.1 of its popular alternative Web browser, which now features anti-fraud technology from GeoTrust and PhishTank.

GeoTrust is well-known on the digital certificate front, whilst PhishTank is a collaborative clearing house for data and information about phishing on t'Internet.

PhishTank, operated by OpenDNS and community members, allows anyone to submit, verify, track and openly share phishing data.

According to Jon von Tetzchner, Opera Software's CEO, Opera's Fraud Protection tool is something the company has created with its partners to help users protect themselves.

Fraud Protection extends the original anti-phishing capability in Opera v8.0, says the company, introduced the security information field to help determine if a phishing Web site was masquerading as a trusted and verified site.

The Fraud Protection feature of v9.1 is billed as adding a new level of online safety by working in real time to protect users from the latest phishing attacks.

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