The 9 (Shopping) trends of Christmas

- Cost conscious: Londoners and Parisians were more likely to take the risk of visiting unknown Web sites in the search for a bargain (42% & 46% respectively), compared to shoppers in Milan (20%)

- Confusion: Shoppers in Milan were the least confident in their ability to identify a secure Web site (89%) compared to Londoners (67%) and Parisians (69%)

- Men more confident than women: Generally less men worry about Internet security than women with 30% feeling completely confident they can identify a secure Web site vs. 20% of women

- Bargain hunters: More women than men shop from well-known online retailers (51% vs. 41%) while 39% of men (vs. 33% women) bargain hunt around the net and don't mind what site they buy from

- Brand believers: Shoppers in Milan were more likely to limit their online shopping to the trusted sites of big, well-known retailers (54%), than those in London (44%) and Paris (40%)

- Last minute rush: Gifts arriving on time posed the highest on-line shopping concern across all three regions with Parisians (46%) most concerned compared to Londoners (33%) and the Milanese (38%)

- Return to sender: Londoners are the least concerned with Internet security across the capitals, even placing the hassle of sending things back (21%) as a higher priority than security

- Risk-takers: Parisians and Londoners were more likely to look beyond the trusted sites of big, well-known retailers to find the item they desired (60% and 56% respectively) than Milan (46%).

- Trust in the workplace: Over half (58%) believe there is more chance of keeping their credit card details safe using their home PC rather than their work PC. The Milanese were more likely to think that their work PC is safer (34%) compared to Londoners (17%) and Parisians (15%).


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