Microsoft using early Vista users as guinea pigs?

Interesting to read in the International Herald Tribune this week about Microsoft hitting a `crisis of confidence' with its new Vista operating system.

The crisis follows a posting by a Russian programmer last week that allows a Vista user to increase their user privileges.

At the same time, the paper says, Microsoft has been notified of another flaw, as well as five general vulnerabilities for its new operating system.

And, says Determina, a Californian IT security firm, there is a serious problem with Internet Explorer 7.0 that could - in theory - allow a hacker to inject rogue software into the Vista-based computer.

Microsoft claims that it has not seen any public exploitation or attack activity regarding the IE 7.0 issue and claims that Vista is Microsoft's most secure platform released to date.

Well, that instills me with confidence -Ed.

After reading through the recent forum postings about the flaws, I've come to the conclusion that they're minor and will be fixed by one or more security patches released early in the New Year.

Sounds familiar? Your bet - it's almost an exact re-run of the security issues that affected Windows XP in its earliest days.

Microsoft wouldn't be using its Vista users - as it did with XP - as guinea pigs, now would it?...