Saddam's execution mobvid now top of the search engine pops...

The power of the Internet exerted itself over the weekend when search engine after search engine reported that the most popular search item was `saddam hussein hanging video.'

Netters weren't searching for the BBC or CNN sanitised versions of the Saddam hanging - nosiree - the Internet peeps wanted the Real McCoy, the video of Saddam going down through the trapdoor, complete with the noose around his neck.

The mobile phone vid doing the rounds on the Net is phenomenally poor in quality, but you can hear some of the onlookers shouting out for Saddam to go to hell, and that's only the nice stuff.

You don't get to see Saddam's legs twitching, nor do you hear his neck breaking, but the video is quite macabre.

And yes, I'm ashamed to admit, I was there on Sunday evening surfing the Net looking for the mobile phone video along with all the other rubberneckers.

Scratch that - I'm not ashamed. I think this is normal human behaviour, especially now most people now have easy access to the Net. It's the human condition -Ed.

But the big question is why the Iraqi administration allowed a mobile phone video of this nature to be shot and escape into the wild?

STOP PRESS: as of Monday morning, the Iraqi government had launched an enquiry into how the mobvid made it on to the Internet and quickly become one of the most downloaded mobvids in history...