Worldwide Assistance Enriches Site with ID Theft Learning Center

Worldwide Assistance, a provider of travel, health and identity theft resolution services, has added tools and resources for identity theft education and prevention to its website. The microsite, found at, will offer a repository of information and advice on identity theft issues.

Visitors can access general information and statistics on identity theft, with an in-depth look at the crime in its various forms - from credit card, bankruptcy and online fraud to medical and automobile identity theft.

The site also offers insight into reactive and preventative strategies. In addition, Worldwide Assistance will provide a comprehensive list of identity theft prevention tips, as well as "Weekly Tips" highlighting specific, practical advice for consumers to help them protect their personal information in a variety of unique situations.

Through the site, consumers and businesses can easily access the information and tools they need to stay abreast of relevant developments, maintain awareness and learn what steps can be taken to reduce the risk of falling victim to America's fastest growing crime.

Visitors to the Worldwide Assistance ID theft microsite can also access a recorded webcast of a recent panel event hosted by the company on ID Theft trends and prevention tips. The panel features MSNBC's Bob Sullivan, an ID theft victim and other experts in the field.