eZ Publish 3.9.0 now comes with the new Website Interface

The new eZ Publish 3.9.0 release includes various enhancements that will benefit users and integrators of the award-winning Open Source Enterprise Content Management System and Framework. Most notably, eZ Publish 3.9.0 includes the new easy-to-use Website Interface and the out-of-the-box functionality you find in eZ Publish Now.

What is new?

Easy-to-use front-end editor (the Website Interface)

Enhanced shipping manager

Version- and diff-view have been merged into a new view

Added extended LDAP user group mapping

Improved trash functionality

Various community contributions have been included

Support for translating class attribute names

The main focus of this release has been to fix issues that were suggested to us by our community, users and partners.

100% Open Source : The community version of eZ Publish 3.9.0 is available for download under the GPL license.