Chip & PIN in India revealed

Whilst Chip & PIN is quite commonplace in the UK, it's intriguing to note that the anti-fraud (I use that term very loosely) technology is only just starting to appear in India.

According to Indian newswire reports, however, the problem of card fraud there is a rising one, and UTI Bank was the first to issue a chip & PIN card a couple of years ago.

Unlike the UK, however, there are no plans to make chip & PIN mandatory across the Indian card processing industry, meaning that fraud is still a major problem.

As a result, anyone making a mail order transaction over the phone above a certain value has to wait for the merchant to manually verify the card info and (usually) call them back, a process that can sometimes take several hours.

Because of this, some airlines have implemented an IVR (interactive voice response) system that intercedes in a mail order call and takes the card details etc., from the customer and verifies them.

Using this approach also prevents call centre staff in India from getting the card details. Apparently it's a major problem.

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