Firm launches anti Google bombs

Intralink is releasing a comprehensive service to assist businesses and other organizations in defending against malicious or misguided web based information attacks.

The Link Bomb Defender service is built on a multi-layered approach incorporating website frameworks and viral marketing in an effort to promote an organizations marketing and positive press in order to thwart activists and others intent on attacking through coordinated linking campaigns commonly referred to as Google Bombs.

The service has grown out of a need identified through search engine research according to our quarterly relevance research. This research unveiled several sites that appear to have rapidly increased in the search engine rankings through organic methods. Underneath we found well coordinated linking campaigns that while more subtle than all out Google Bombs, still served the same purpose.

An aggressive approach to web marketing and promotion of positive public relations on the web is the surest method for defending against these often unwarranted attacks.

Google Bombs have been used by everyone from activists groups to disgruntled employees and customers to manipulate search engine rankings for key terms including company names and brand identifiers. According to Intralink research more than half of the biggest twenty companies in the United States are currently threatened with negative information tied to their company name and in the top five pages of results.

Often these existing web pages will be targeted and further pushed up the rankings by link bombers. Smaller companies are often even more susceptible as they lack the web presence already in place to help counter an attack.

The LBDS or Link bomb defender service, is being offered as a scaled service based on the level of exposure and threat level of the organization under attack. Intralink is also offering a monitoring service for organizations at risk, but not yet under an attack.