Google Code Features Pentaho

Pentaho Corp., creator of one of the more popular open source business intelligence (BI) suite, announced that the Google Code is featuring Pentaho's AJAX-based integration with the Google Maps API. Pentaho's example was selected as a compelling and innovative example of the flexibility and power of the Google Maps API.

With the new map-based visualization capabilities powered by Pentaho and Google Maps, location-based metrics can be tied to maps superimposed on Pentaho's graphical dashboards in order to accelerate and enrich the analysis process. The combination of Pentaho's charts and other graphically expressed metrics with visual geographic information can help companies rapidly identify regions associated with certain customer behaviors or spending patterns, aid in site selection for business expansion, zero in on location-based business opportunities, and gain other insights that are difficult to see in a traditional report or spreadsheet.

"It's great to see companies like Pentaho in the open source community creating Google mashups," said Chris DiBona, Open Source Programs Manager at Google. "Pentaho's integration demonstrates some of the many exciting ways Google's modules can enhance open source applications."

Pentaho is the first and only BI company to provide live, interactive integration with Google Maps, reflecting the ability of Pentaho's technology platform and professional open source business model to deliver faster innovation compared to proprietary BI vendors.

"Powerful, open technologies like Google Maps, Pentaho, and AJAX are like a giant toy-box for developers in the open source community," said Gretchen Moran, Open Sourceress at Pentaho. "We're proud to be featured on Google Code and hope that other developers will check it out and create their own exciting new extensions and interfaces."