BitTorrent revisited...

Had to install a BitTorrent application on one of my PCs in the office this week to download some Star Trek New Voyages programmes for a pal of mine who's a bit of a sci-fi nut.

The New Voyages programs are distributed via BitTorrent to maximise their distribution, rather than for piratical reasons.

I have to say, though, I'm impressed with the latest version of Azureus, the BitTorrent client, as it allows for encrypted headers and, if required, encrypted BitTorrent spawning.

This latter facility means that data flowing between BitTorrent clients is encrypted to RC4 levels - with an optional fallback to encrypted headers and vanilla data streams - to prevent any prying by your ISP or the authorities.

This is an interesting development that builds on the encrypted SSL downloading option now available on Easynews, another source of, ah, shared files.

I don't think the RIAA would approve, but I certainly do...