Mobile Phones to transform into HD Video iPods

Already adopted by major manufacturers and content publishers, Mobiclip addresses the highest challenges of video on mobile platforms by offering a DVD-like quality – 24fps full screen – of all kinds of video, free and premium content, without compromising battery-life.

Mobiclip already enables UK users of the Sony Ericsson M600i to view movies. Cult gangster movies Layer Cake and Snatch come for free with the 512MB Memory Stick Micro. Available through Phone4You shops since September 2006, each stick has the capacity for both films-

Users just insert the memory stick into the phone, follow the instructions, then sit back and watch all the action on the 262k colour TFT touchscreen.

Compared with other video codecs, Mobiclip has been developed on a completely different algorithm, based on lower CPU requirements to substantially extend the battery-life of mobile handsets and to reduce the cost of devices. For example, Mobiclip displays consume just a quarter of the capacity of MPEG2 files and an eighth of the battery-drain of H.264 Baseline. As a further illustration, on a Nokia N73, Mobilclip can play around seven hours of high-quality video, compared with just one and a half hours using MPEG4.

"Our video and audio compression technologies use far less CPU power than any competitive formats. As a result, it both enables manufacturers to reduce the cost of materials, increase product performance and add new features, while preserving battery-life, so enhancing the user experience” says André Pagnac, CEO of Actimagine.

The extended battery-life avoids the conflict between communication and multimedia usage of the phone itself. Users can now enjoy all types of video content for several hours and still make and receive phone calls. Content can be pre-loaded on SIM/flash memory cards or downloaded/streamed wirelessly to a bigger screen by connecting the mobile phone to a TV. For instance, users simply buy the Mobiclip card with the video content, insert it into a mobile phone, then click on the on-screen icon to watch and share all types of video content.

Actimagine display software can be embedded in any device that uses a multipurpose processor and display-screen such as mobile phones, MP3 players, set-top boxes, toys and portable gaming consoles, PDAs and other home appliances and office equipment.

“Our aim is to establish Mobiclip as the de-facto video standard on mobile – to see our technology embedded in all mobile devices,” concludes André Pagnac. To date, Mobiclip is compatible with platforms including Windows Mobile, Linux, Symbian and Palm OS. VGA-ready, it offers full compression from QCIF to full HD.