802.11n to dominate markets

The 802.11n market is just emerging, with many companies (especially in China and other Asian countries) waiting for the final standard approval. It is expected that 2007 will be a first year when manufacturers deliver standard 802.11n products.

A recently published report by Research and Markets emphasizes the importance of 802.11n technology for both businesses and consumers in the developing communications infrastructure. Starting from the consumers’ market, such companies as Dell, Intel, Asus and other have already introduced products with 802.11n features. They are supported by the chips vendors such as Broadcom and others.

The report details technological and marketing properties of the 802.11n technology. This technology allows a quantum jump from the 802.11 a/b/g devices features to wireless communications compatible with the existing wired products delivering Fast Ethernet. Several technological advances (MIMO and others) made it possible to support communications in the multipath environment with speed up to 600 Mb/s for distances exceeding 802.11 a/b/g technologies ranges. Initial data shows that 802.11n devices will be also cost-efficient.

It is the authors’ opinion that already in this decade 802.11n products will dominate the PC, home and Enterprise market (though currently 802.11n standard penetration into home networking is not more than 2%-4%). In 2006, all major PC vendors, such as Dell, Gateway and other partnered with 802.11n vendors, introducing this new technology.