Compaq Computer Corporation is an American personal computer company founded in 1982, and now a brand name of Hewlett-Packard. The company was formed by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto — former Texas Instruments senior managers.

The name "COMPAQ" was derived from "Compatibility and Quality", as at its formation Compaq produced some of the first IBM PC compatible computers. Once the largest supplier of computing systems in the world it existed as an independent corporation until 2002, when it merged with Hewlett-Packard.

Compaq was founded in February 1982 by Rod Canion, Jim Harris and Bill Murto, three senior managers from semiconductor manufacturer Texas Instruments. Each invested $1,000 to form the company. Their first venture capital came from Ben Rosen and Sevin-Rosen partners. It is often told that the architecture of the original Compaq PC was first sketched out on a placemat by the founders while dining in the Houston restaurant, House of Pies.

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