Identify Theft Resource Centre : 2007 predictions

There will be an increase in check fraud, check synthesizing, and check counterfeiting due to efforts to stop fraudulent use and issuance of credit cards. This is due to the lack of focus on checking account criminal activity and what to do for victims of this crime. In some cases, check fraud becomes the never ending story, and can lead to the arrest of the victim.

There is still a lack of sensitivity and responsiveness toward victims by some law enforcement agencies, companies, and government agencies. It is ITRC's intense hope that this issue will be finally addressed so that victims of identity theft can restore their lives more rapidly from this crime.

Child, family, and domestic identify theft victims will be acknowledged by law enforcement and companies. Their crimes will be addressed and solutions to stop child and deceased identity theft found.

We will see more communication between various law enforcement entities in multi-jurisdictional cases including the creation of regional taskforces.

Phishing will continue to grow as a problem. However, we will see new solutions and protections available in the marketplace.