Dovetail to Pay Indie Filmmakers for Each Download

Dovetail, the online destination for independent programming and distribution in high-quality HD/DVD formats, announced that it will begin to make monthly payments to artist promoting their work on Dovetail based on the number of downloads for each independent feature film, short, TV program or music video the content producer generates.

Under the newly announced bonus program, independent filmmakers are directly compensated for every audience member they attract, receiving $0.10 for each download of contributed works.

"Dovetail is truly committed to the Indie artist and fan, and we're working to do things for these people that Hollywood simply won't do," said Jason Holloway, co-founder and CEO of Dovetail. "We continue to hear about big media brand names making deals that completely ignore the true independents. Our team got together and decided it was time for us to make a 'deal' for them."

Dovetail has also launched a new user homepage featuring enhanced elements such as "This Week on Dovetail," which updates audiences on the latest in independent films, TV shows and music videos available for download on the site. Content channels are intuitively organized to enable users to easily find desired content, all of which is downloadable for free.