Terra Soft Hosts Cell Hack-a-thon

Terra Soft Solutions is proud to host the first ever Cell processor "hack-a-thon" at Terra Soft's headquarters in Loveland, Colorado, January 20-26.

Glen Otero, Ph.D., Chief Scientist at Terra Soft describes this week long event as, "A gathering of researchers from all over the globe who wish to port science and engineering applications to the Cell processor and create the initial knowledge base of Cell-optimized code. Code authors have the option to release code through the newly formed HPC Consortium, making it available to researchers everywhere.

The hack-a-thon is the Consortium's launch pad, setting the tone and pace with a week of fast-paced coding, Cell-centric software development instruction, personal support from industry experts, and recreation in the snow covered Rocky Mountains near Terra Soft's headquarters."

With on-site support from IBM, Mercury, and RapidMind, event participants will enjoy opening day presentations, daily tutorials, and assistance while working in the recently completed 3000 sq-ft HPC facility at Terra Soft's Loveland, Colorado headquarters.

Playstation 3s, Mercury and IBM Cell products will be available on-site. An inviting, creative atmosphere will be supported by home cooked catering, a continuous flow of warm beverages, and nearby outdoor winter activities.

To learn more about the hack-a-thon here

The hack-a-thon calendar of events is located there.

Anyone who desires to learn about programming for the Cell processor is welcome, free of charge. Availability is limited due to the number of available Cell systems and facility accommodations.

Register now at the website.