US govt admits it has overstepped the mark on air travel

The US government has admitted that it has overstepped the mark when it comes to air travel privacy.

You mean all this fuss about the US government gaining access to International travellers' credit card and email accounts if they want to book a flight into the US?

Nah - they couldn't give a sh*t about the privacy of foreigners - the US government has all but apologised to its own citizens over the fact that it has breached their privacy in gathering more information than it had said it would.

Apparently an investigation by the Department of Homeland Security privacy office was conducted into some aspects of Secure Flight, the successor to the CAPPS II passenger screening program, which is run by the Department's Transportation Security Administration (TSA).

"As ultimately implemented, the commercial data test conducted in connection with the Secure Flight program testing did not match TSA's public announcements," said the report. "Part of the reason for this discrepancy is the fact that the Fall Privacy Notices were drafted before the testing program had been designed fully."

And - what's going to happen now?

Nuffink. All the hail the President (cue music and flag waving)....