Company brings IP management to protect Open Source

Palamida announced a Reseller partnership with Cyber Korp Inc., a strategic business and technology consultancy with expertise in key industry verticals that include Mortgage Banking, Financial Services and Energy.

Palamida's best-of- class solutions coupled with Cyber Korp's extensive service offerings enable organizations to meet existing intellectual property and compliance requirements associated with the use of open source.

"Software today is a mix of commercial and open source code. Current development efforts offer no transparency into whether or not the end product creates any intellectual property, compliance or import/export challenges for the company," said Mark Tolliver, CEO of Palamida. "Our relationship with Cyber Korp provides customers with a comprehensive means of auditing and managing mixed code compliance and intellectual property rights -- allowing them to safely and effectively embrace the benefits of open source."

Cyber Korp performs code audits using Palamida's IP Amplifier -- offering a fast, intelligent method for evaluating and protecting software assets. IP Amplifier scans an organization's existing code base, uncovers and catalogs commercial and open source third-party software components, and associates those components with licenses and in-house policies.

Clear, concise IP Ingredients reports and a multi-user workspace help quickly pinpoint specific high-risk areas of company code against due diligence criteria to identify legal and compliance remediation issues. Drawing on the industry's largest and most comprehensive library, IP Amplifier provides detailed information on over 750,000 commercial and open source projects including licensing and copyright information.

Once high-risk issues are identified, Cyber Korp also provides strategic consulting and remediation resources to cost-effectively rectify intellectual property violations and recommend solutions to restore organizations to full compliance.

"The Palamida - Cyber Korp partnership provides a truly complete solution for managing software and IP risks," said Chellasamy Jamburajan (Chella), CEO of Cyber Korp. "Our customers are committed to respecting intellectual property rights and want to identify and remediate violations.

By working with Palamida, we are now able to bring software transparency solutions to our clients so that they can confidently incorporate open source into their development environments and effectively manage them in the future."