Two men charged with hacking Los Angeles traffic lights

Two men have been charged with illegal computer access after they allegedly hacked into a computer system controlling the Los Angeles traffic light system in August of last year.

Normally I'd be mildly amused at such antics, but the dipsies ended up turning off the lights completely at four intersections which is, of course, very dangerous indeed.

Not to mention stoopid -Ed

Perhaps worse, reports suggest that the two men were actually employed as engineers with the LA Automated Traffic Surveillance Centre.

According to newswire reports, the two engineers managed to stop their colleagues from accessing the system, with the result that it took the centre four days to get into the systems and switch them on!

The newswire reports add that Gabriel Murillo, aged 37, and Kartik Patel, aged 34, have both been charged with unauthorised computer access, whilst Murillo has also been charged with identity theft and Patel faces four counts of denial of computer services.

Ah the joys of workplace disagreements...