The Venice Project turns into Joost

Got that email from The guys behind the Venice Project.... The next big thing from the people that launched Kazaa and Skype.


Yesterday we were The Venice Project... today we are Joost!

While we're still in beta, we hope that Joost will become synonymous with the best of TV and the best of the Web.

We're working on putting more content on the platform and creating more and more applications and functionality. For those of you who've already been on the client, you can expect to see some of these updates in the

0.8 release - which is not far away at all.

Now that we're Joost, we're going to be sending out many more beta invitations. I know some of you have been waiting quite some time for your invitation and I appreciate your patience. We've been somewhat conservative about expanding our beta - but that's going to change pretty rapidly now. So please keep a lookout for your invitation if you haven't gotten one already. And when you do receive it - please tell us what you think.

I have to say, we have an absolutely amazing team at Joost, and I include our beta testers as part of that team. Beta tester feedback on the platform has been so incredibly valuable. We've incorporated a lot of it into the platform - making it that much better. So please, keep it coming!

Stay tuned.