Vietnamese police call for crackdown on cyberhackers

I was interested to read a feature on Internet crime in Vietnam over the weekend and learn that police there are getting quite tech savvy - so savvy, in fact, that they're lobbying the government to crack down harder on Internet fraudsters and hackers.

According to newswire reports, the level of Internet crime, spam and viruses is so high in Vietnam that it is seriously threatening the security of the country's business Internet community.

Nguyen Tu Qang, the director of BKIS, the network security centre of Hanoi University of Technology, is quoted as saying that the law is not strict enough on cybercrime.

Coupled with the fact that public criticism of Internet crime is not strong enough, Qang said that hacking has become one of the top IT problems of 2006, with only fines being dished out for offenders.

The Hanoi newswire also quotes Nguyen The Dong, director of Athena, a well-known Vietnamese network security firm (it says here -Ed), as saying that more than 50 viruses originating in Vietnam spread through Yahoo Chat, affecting 250,000 computers in the country last year.

"The number of computer viruses and illegal attacks will rise dramatically in 2007," he said, adding that as many as 25 per cent of Web sites in Vietnam are open to hacker attacks...