LinuxIT Europe becomes official adviser to business, government and investment leaders

LinuxIT Europe, the leading provider of Linux services, have today announced their appointment as official advisers in the Gerson Lehrman Group Councils. A global network of executives, physicians, scientists, engineers, attorneys, and other professionals, the group delivers expertise and decision-making assistance to business, government and investment leaders from around the world.

Business and investment leaders contact Gerson Lehrman Group with inquiries about industry trends, particular products and services, or other important developments.

Council Members whose backgrounds match the discussion topic will then be invited to participate in a consultation, survey or meeting.

Peter Dawes-Huish, CEO of LinuxIT Europe, was invited to become a member by the Gerson Lehrman Group in recognition of his first-hand knowledge of the IT industry in general, and the commercial use of Linux in particular.

The invitation comes only two months after Peter's appointment as advisor to Standard and Poor's Society of Industry Leaders (SIL), a world-renowned network of practitioners, thought leaders and authorities.

As a member of the Gerson Lehrman Group, Peter consults with business and investment leaders from around the world who want to be better informed on various industry topics and who are looking for continuing education on their research interest, allowing them to make better informed decisions.

Dawes-Huish commented: "I am very proud about our appointment as advisors of the GLG Councils. We look forward to improving decision-making and accelerate business innovation by educating the business and investment leaders shaping their industry." For more information, please visit