Breach of .eu domain rules may trigger instant cancellation

The administrators behind .eu domain names will gain new powers to block, suspend and even cancel domain names that break its rules. The new rules will come into effect on 19th February.

Currently if the owner of a .eu domain breaks the rules set down by administrator EURid that person has 14 days in which to comply with the rules. Under changes to EURid's terms and conditions and its registration policy it will, from February, have the power to suspend and block access to the domain for that 14 day period.

Breaches include using the domain name in bad faith or for an unlawful purpose or in a way that violates any third party rights, laws or regulations, including discrimination on the basis of race, language, sex, religion or political viewpoint.

"At least 14 days before revoking the Domain Name, the Registry shall by e-mail notify the Registrant and/or the Registrar through whom the Domain Name has been registered, affording the Registrant and/or the Registrar the opportunity to remedy, where possible, the aforementioned grounds for revocation," says the new registration policy document.

"As of the moment the Registry has notified the Registrant and/or the Registrar it may suspend the concerned Domain Name(s)," it says.

In the new terms and conditions document, a new power has been added. "The Registry shall be entitled to immediately suspend or cancel the Domain Name when the Registrant is in breach of the Rules," it says.