Frost and Sulivan's Take on Mobile Data Services et al.

A quick snip at the convergence of Telecoms, Media and Technology by one of the big analyst firms out there.

"The way we consume media content is rapidly changing. The momentum behind Web 2.0 services coupled with the affordability and functionality of technology as it moves into the mass market - may finally offer mobile operators with the impetus required to drive the desired uptake in mobile data services. There is recent evidence that solutions to the substantial barriers of pricing, usability and compelling services are slowly being eroded through shifts in mobile operators strategies – to what extent can mobile data services in 2007 take advantage of this and accelerate this change in user behaviour further.

“Media consumption, (through the accessibility and affordability of enabling technology) has changed through all recognisable appearance. The previous one – way flow of content to consumers has morphed into a two – way connection of content and feedback. The convergence of telecoms, media and technology has been a fundamental factor in this development. In 2007, the increased functionality of mobile devices, increased bandwidth and new mobile operator strategies will provide users with even more control – both in producing and consuming media content,” observes Industry Analyst Pete Nuthall