Sophos warns over Panda joss-stick mass email

IT security vendor Sophos is advising PC users not to worry about reports from China about a mass email that includes a picture of a Panda burning joss sticks.

Sophos' comments come in the wake of reports from China that quoted members of the Shanghai Information Technology Service Centre as saying the emails contain a deadly virus.

In fact the virus, known as Fujacks-I and Fujacks-J - also called worm.whboy in some media reports - was detected some time ago by Sophos's behavioural genotype technology.

In addition, and contrary to some reports, Sophos says that the virus can also infect English language Windows systems.

Graham Cluley, Sophos senior technology consultant and sometime Elvis Impersonator (huh? -Ed) said that, despite its LAN-crawling ability, Fujacks is unlikely to go unnoticed as it spreads, which seems to mitigate against any sort of pandemic.

"The vast majority of Windows users are likely to sense something is awry if their computer files start turning into pictures of a panda burning joss sticks," he said.

According to Cluley, Fujacks will temporarily disable some infected files, putting computers out of action until they are disinfected.

"But whilst we've seen a small number of reports stemming from Asia, there is no evidence of any sort of 'devastating' outbreak - at least amongst business users - as suggested elsewhere," he noted...