Broadband providers go integrated

Critical Path unveiled Contact-Centric Communications - a new Memova Messaging solution designed for the broadband service provider market. Bringing together messaging, content sharing and digital communications, the new solution enables service providers to improve the consumer experience by providing a powerful, central Web 2.0 console with unified access to the communications services consumers want and use most.

With the increasing popularity of email, VoIP, text and instant messaging, blogging, photo sharing and more, consumers are benefiting from and engaging in digital communications in fundamentally new ways.

However, multiple devices and applications often mean consumers are plagued by too many access points, information overload, lack of continuity and little, if any, control over who contacts them. Designed with consumers in mind, Critical Path's Contact-Centric Communications solution provides a simple, yet comprehensive, online environment.

Subscribers' communications services and personal content are accessible and managed from a single user-friendly console - all centered on their contacts.

For service providers who are striving to deliver an engaging user experience while retaining ownership of the customer relationship, the Contact-Centric Communications solution integrates email, VoIP, instant messaging, multimedia content sharing and other services into a centralized location on the service provider's portal - reducing the need for subscribers to go elsewhere and keeping competitive threats at bay. Additionally, it provides a compelling new service to attract and retain customers, drive advertising revenues, and increase overall brand value.

"With MP3 players, mobile phones, digital cameras and personal computers ingrained in their daily lives, consumers now need a master 'remote control' to manage their digital communications. At the same time, service providers can't afford to become just a pipe and are looking for ways to own the consumer relationship from beginning to end," said Bruce Warren, Senior Product Marketing Manager, Critical Path.

"Contact-Centric Communications provides consumers with easy-to-use, unified access to the services they use most, and offers service providers an innovative way to improve subscriber loyalty, drive customer growth and ultimately increase revenue."

The solution features a universal address book that automatically updates contact information across all integrated applications.

Additionally, presence data collected from multiple services enables subscribers to instantly see which contacts are available at any time.

Users are also able to use any integrated service from the Web-based console without having to open the application's full interface - encouraging easier communication and sharing with their online communities. To safeguard consumers' communications experience, the Contact-Centric Communications solution is also available with anti-spam, anti-phishing and virus protection and allows users to easily add contacts to their "white list".