Dutch botnet gang faces prison

Reports from the Netherlands over the weekend suggest that two men face significant jail time for their involvement in a botnet scam.

According to the IDG newswire, the two men created a series of botnet attacks that infected more than a million PCs around the world with self-propagating adware.

The Organised Crime division for the National Public Prosecution Service in Rotterdam brought the prosecution. In court, officials showed how at least 50,000 PCs were infected by the bots created by the two defendants, who have not been named.

The defendants, apparently aged 20 and 28, respectively, used a malicious program called Toxbot, a worm that can be used to gain remote control of a computer and log keystrokes.

Prosecutors also allege that the defendants threatened an advertising software vendor, 180Solutions, now renamed Zango, with a denial-of- service attack after a dispute over payment.

According to the IDG newswire, Zango settled with the Federal Trade Commission in the US last November for $3 million over concerns that distributors of its software were installing it on peoples' computers without their consent.

Prosecutors are reported to be looking for a three-year sentence for the 20-year-old and two years for the 28-year-old and and for each to pay $38,000 restitution to the Dutch government.

The pair will be sentenced on January 30, at which stage their names are likely to be released...