20x DVD writers launched by Liteon

Lite-On IT has announced the launch of two new additions to its already successful and pioneering product line of 20x DVD writers.

The LH-20A1S is the world’s first 20x DVD burner with a Serial ATA interface. The internal drive is designed for advanced computer enthusiasts and the SATA interface eliminates performance bottlenecking by offering at least 150MB/s data transfer rate – improving significantly to the Parallel ATA found on most other DVD writers today. Furthermore, the thinner cables allow for greater airflow to the drive – reducing risk of overheating. The drive will be available from mid-February at a recommended end user price of around £32

The LH-20A1PU is the world’s first external 20x DVD burner. It is designed for both beginner computer users through to more advanced experts. It features Lite-On IT’s patented EZ-DUB technology, allowing a one-touch transfer of data using buttons on the drive’s casing. With a USB 2.0 connection the drive promises a fast transfer rate. The drive will be available from the end of February at a recommended end user price of around £45

Both the LH-20A1S and LH-20A1PU feature both SuperAllWrite and SmartWrite technologies, allowing for highly efficiently burning to any type of disc media.

The EZ-DUB technology incorporates two buttons on the top of the DVD writer, FILE and DUB. Users can press the DUB button, enter an original disc and a blank disc when prompted, and the drive will do the copying – no complicated software involved. The FILE button does the same but will burn data stored in a file on the desktop – again, no complicated software needed. This clever solution enables even the most novice computer user save their favourite photos to DVD.

Super AllWrite is compatibility standard which allows the DVD burner to write to any disc media: DVD+/-(R/RW), DVD-RAM and Double Layer. This fantastic optical drive technology means the user no longer has to worry about different types of media or drives. Thus, the purchase and usage of discs will be hassle free and more accessible, especially helpful to novice computer users who do not always understand the differences between media types.

SmartWrite is designed to optimize the writing strategy for each burning session. Using a smart writing algorithm and self-learning techniques, it will detect and select the best method of writing data for each type of media used, and then remember that decision for future sessions.