Archive your emails or go to jail. You choose

Do you remember the content of the email you sent to your key supplier on June 8th 2001 at 4:05 pm?

Of course you don’t, but this is the type of question you will be expected to answer by a court of law if an investigation is carried out into your business.

Not knowing the answer is not good enough, and can result in a large fine or worse.

Email archiving should now be part of every organisation’s routine IT management tasks and this report discusses the benefits of using an appropriate archiving tool.

Email is probably one of the best business tools in use today. The days of letters and memos have disappeared in all but a few formal circumstances.

Think about your own business colleagues and how you work with them, the chances are that you could not even send them a letter if you wanted to as you don’t know their home postal address.

With this increasing use of email (Gartner, the research company, did a survey and found that organisations conduct almost 97% of their communication via email) comes problems with managing the huge number of daily messages.

Certainly email tools are improving but the unstructured nature of email messages makes them difficult to store, sort and retrieve in a sensible way.

Try searching for an email you vaguely remember sending over the past two weeks and see how long it takes to find it.

For many they result to paging through the Sent Messages folder in a vain attempt to retrieve the email.