Heads up: Storm worm getting nasty

This "storm worm", as it's being referred to colloquially, is quite nasty and there is activity out there on this one. Also, F-Secure has reported that it's started using rootkit technology.

Using email as an infection vector, it uses current events in the subject line, as F-Secure describes:

Russian missle shot down Chinese satellite

Russian missle shot down USA aircraft

Russian missle shot down USA satellite

Chinese missile shot down USA aircraft

Chinese missile shot down USA satellite

Sadam Hussein alive!

Sadam Hussein safe and sound!

Radical Muslim drinking enemies' blood.

U.S. Secretary of State Condoleezza Rice has kicked German Chancellor Angela Merkel

U.S. Southwest braces for another winter blast. More then 1000 people are dead.

Venezuelan leader: "Let's the War beginning".

Fidel Castro dead.

Hugo Chavez dead.

And the attachment names are:


Full Video.exe

Read More.exe

Full Text.exe

Full Clip.exe

There are other .exes it will use. These type of attachments are always a security risk, and blocking them is just a fine idea.