LG Provides Glimpse Into Consumer Electronics Future

With a 3D TV and 100-inch display, among other products, LG reaffirmed its leadership in innovative technologies and design, and unveiled a "sneak peak" of tomorrow's technology today at the 2007 International CES.

"We constantly strive to push the limit of picture quality, technologies and design," said Michael Ahn, president and CEO of LG Electronics North American Headquarters. "Our ongoing investments in research and development, more than $2 billion annually, continue to pay off as we always look for the newest technologies to enhance the way people live, work and play."

He highlighted five future technologies on display at CES, products that employ next-generation display technology and underscore the company's focus on development new and innovative products.

100-inch LCD Full-HD Display

Listed as the largest LCD TV on the planet in the 2007 Guinness Book of World Records, LG's 100-inch LCD Full-HD Display is perfect for home theaters fit for kings. The 1080p display unit incorporates the highest display resolution available, projecting larger than life images for the ultimate viewing experience. The unit's 3,000:1 contrast ratio, 92-percent color gamut, 180-degree viewing angle and 5ms refresh time provides viewers with crisp, clear images. Supporting the high-end technology, the display is complete with a simple, and yet rich and luxurious design achieved with a "piano black" finish.

102-inch Plasma Full-HD Display

One of the largest plasma displays in the world, LG's 102-inch Plasma Full-HD 1080p Display leads the pack of future large screen displays. With the highest display resolution available, it projects larger than life images for the ultimate viewing experience. The enormous glass panel (which normally would be cut into smaller plasma modules) shows LG's technological excellence in plasma displays, based on the screen's unparalleled image uniformity and color fidelity.

42-inch LCD 3D Monitor

LG's first true 3D monitor uses a lenticular 3D filter that provides auto-stereoscopic images, allowing viewers to experience dynamic true 3D display without wearing special glasses. It displays more natural 3D display images since it uses 25 different perspective views to show one image. The more perspective views used, the more true to life the images a 3D monitor can display. This unit is ideal for 3D advertisements in public places such as shopping malls, airport terminals and other public environments

47-inch Full HD LED Backlit LCD TV

Exploring future trends in display technology, LG is also showcasing a 47-inch Full HD LED Backlit LCD TV at the show. Using LED BLU (Light Emitting Diode Back-Light Unit) technology, this set realizes a dynamic contrast ratio of 20,000:1. This model delivers the most vivid and detailed colors possible today in LCD HDTVs, and Full HD 1080p display quality. It features 105 percent wide color gamut and advanced inter- connectivity with 3 HDMI CEC-enabled inputs, and a USB (JPG, MP3) port.

Digital-to-Analog TV Converter Box

Combining the latest advances in digital television (DTV) broadcast reception technology and consumer-friendly features in an affordable package, LG's digital-to-analog (D-A) converter has been developed to support the final phase of the DTV transition in the United States. This product, planned for 2008 introduction, is designed to provide DTV broadcast signals to existing analog TVs in anticipation of the end of analog TV broadcasting in February 2009. Basic features include the latest ATSC-VSB circuitry for optimum reception, a simple electronic program guide and remote control.