Nordea Bank hit by Russkies for $1.1 million

In what some sources are claiming is the world's biggest-ever online bank heist, Nordea Bank appears to been been hit by a Russian organised crime gang in a fraud worth $1.1 million.

According to McAfee, around 250 customers of the bank were sent a customised Trojan application that, once installed, triggered a key logging application whenever they accessed their Nordea bank account online.

This data was then relayed across the Net to a group of servers in Russia, from where the data was quickly used to withdraw money in relatively small amounts.

These small amounts, over a three month period, totted up to $1.1 million, at which stage the scam was apparently discovered.

McAfee, which broke the news story this week, says that the phishing fraudsters, if caught (and that's a big if -Ed) could face 101 years in clink.

According to the IT security vendor, the hackers used a phishing email that advised bank customers to download a "spam fighting" program called `' or `raking.exe' that then loaded a variant of the Trojan.

Unconfirmed reports suggest that Swedish police have arrested up to 100 people - many of whom are thought to be working with colleagues in Russia - over the scam.

I doubt that anywhere near that many people will be actually prosecuted, but it does show how seriously Swedish police are taking the scam...