eBay is closing - click here for details

Sophos has warned Netters to be on the look-out for scam emails advising that eBay is closing, and that users should `click here' for more information.

The emails - and there are plenty of them - claim that eBay is planning to shut on February 27, but that, if 50 per cent of members vote against the proposal, then the site will stay open.

Graham Cluley, part-time Elvis impersonator, all-round nice guy and senior technology consultant with Sophos, says that it's unlikely that many people will believe that such a successful site as eBay is considering calling it quits.

"But they might think it is a teaser campaign by the auction giant for some other kind of promotion," he said.

Cluley, who has seen more Trojans, viruses and spam emails than most, added that, whilst not as sophisticated says some of the recent phishing campaigns seen to date, it could still result in the unwary handing their account details over to hackers.

These hackers, says Cluley, could then use them to make fraudulent purchases and commit other identity crimes...