The Internet is for prOn

Popped around to a mate's house earlier this week to tackle a serious virus infestion on his PC.

Turns out he was surfing the Web late on Monday night looking for smutty pics of Angelina Jolie and was drawn by a dodgy site posting inviting Netters to view a Windows Media file of Ms Jolies' naughty bits that she normally keeps in her blouse.

The URL then triggers Windows Media player, which returns a message that it can't play the file in question, but would sir like it to download an update to do so.

What, in fact, is actually happening, is that Media Player is being persuaded to download a file that is formatted like an update, but actually contains all manner of malware.

So much malware, in fact, that the poor PC collapses under the strain.

Serves him right for trying peek at pr0n, you might think - actually, this malware scam is being pulled on a large number of sites, and not just for viewing people's naughty bits.

Perhaps worse, it's difficult to see how conventional IT security software can stop attacks of this type, as it's the Web user that goes to the site and downloads the update.

How do you legislate for punter stupidity?...