Nordea Bank heist - The Corpse is blamed

Swedish police have now traced the hacker that wrote the customised Trojan behind the $1.17 million Nordea bank heist I reported on earlier this week.

It seems that a programmer calling himself The Corpse posted an advert for his customised version of the Haxdoor Trojan on a Russkie Web site, and a Russian criminal gang appears to have paid for his services.

According to a rather good report on the International Herald Tribune, police have arrested around 100 people in Sweden and Russia over the scam, but no-one has been charged.

The case has the darker side of the Internet - something that Web security vendor Finjan has been talking about for some time - namely the arrival of hacker skills for sale to the highest bidder.

The IHT quotes Aleksandr Gostev, an anti-virus researcher at Kaspersky Lab in Moscow, as saying that The Corpse was well known as a hacker who sold programs to other hackers.

"He writes these programs himself, and he sells them to whoever wants them," said Gostev.

"In the case of Nordea bank, somebody who wanted to steal from clients ordered a customised version. The hacker could be from anywhere in the world..."