P2P brings photo and storage together

KoffeeWare, a company dedicated to peer-to-peer groupware solutions, unveils KoffeePhoto version 2, free photo sharing software. Featuring an integrated peer-to-peer secure backup system and pictures available on PC (Windows or Linux), Mac (Mac OS X) as well as on converging PDAs, this new version of KoffeePhoto is a major step towards the converging version of the software.

KoffeePhoto version 2 is a major breakthrough as it extends the user experience to new means of accessing their pictures and the pictures shared by friends while reducing the need for a third party photo editing software.

As a reminder, the KoffeePhoto software provides a straightforward means of storing and sharing personal digital picture libraries. Thanks to its peer-to-peer distributed storage model, storage is virtually unlimited and, more than anything else, is completely free.

The new release includes:

- A free Web Space fully synchronized with the pictures stored in the KoffeePhoto albums. Each KoffeePhoto user automatically benefits from this web space making sharing of pictures easier than ever. Of course, access to high resolution pictures and automated slide-shows remain available using the KoffeePhoto software and can be run at the click of a button from the web space. Thanks to specifically optimized templates, these pages may also be browsed on small displays such as found on PDAs.

- RSS feed based access to albums for easy picture posting on personal blogs include dynamic update of the pictures displayed. Display of album preview can be easily integrated into web site for simplified linking to the KoffeePhoto Web Space.

- Newly included photo editing functions include contrast and brightness balance, color management, change to black and white or sepia... These photo editing functions will be rapidly extended thanks to a straightforward plug-in architecture. Of course, photo editing is safe with preview and undo capabilities.

- Simplified contact management eases photo sharing with friends and relatives.

These new features extend the previous feature-set and define a new level of user experience. With inclusion of these features, KoffeePhoto is a unique software taking care of all tasks related to personal photo management, from the camera to sharing and to the printing service, no additional software is required.