Microsoft picks 3rd party parental control for Vista

SafeScreen from PixAlert has been selected by Microsoft to support the Family Safety Settings' parental controls in the new Windows Vista operating system. Microsoft is continually striving to provide the technology and tools to fight against online predators and to help protect families from unwanted and inappropriate content.

PixAlert's SafeScreen is an advanced PC protection and real time image monitoring solution that actively identifies and obscures pornographic content on the screen from any source. This includes not only images from the Internet but also from a host of other devices such as DVDs,

cell phones, USB keys and media players.

PixAlert is one of only two European vendors to be part of Microsoft's family safety efforts. By using the most advanced screen interception and audit technology developed for the corporate environment, SafeScreen not only protects families from viewing illicit content as it is displayed but also allows parents to scan their PCs and remove unsuitable material.

"We are delighted that Microsoft is taking a strong lead in providing a safer family computing environment," said John Nolan, CEO at PixAlert.

"This initiative dramatically improves family protection by implementing better security measures at the operating system level. SafeScreen works with Windows Vista to prevent families viewing unwanted images that increasingly find their way onto home PCs from multiple sources, including Internet, DVDs and cell phones."

SafeScreen enhances website blocking technologies already built into Windows vista by intercepting and blurring inappropriate images at the screen in real time.

"Parents want solutions to better protect their families on and offline and this requires a broad industry-wide approach," said David George, Director, Family Safe Computing at Microsoft.

"We are excited about the breadth of support Windows Vista is receiving from our security partners that provide parental controls and safety solutions.

Microsoft will continue to push on all fronts towards its long-term goal of providing a safer and more secure environment for its customers and will continue to build on already strong efforts with industry partners."


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