Unknown Wiki hacker sticks the boot into Swinford

I was interested to read that an unknown hacker is busy updating the Wikipedia pages for Swinford, County Mayo, in Ireland, with information on how a gang of armed soldiers are protecting the town from the plague of werewolves that have gobbled up 107 people in the last two decades.

According to newswire reports, the town is also home to a cult-like religion, as well as involving itself in time travel adventures - since 1950, the Wiki entry reported earlier this month.

Wow - that's before Doctor Who started on the Beeb -Ed

Because Wikipedia only has three people to vet the entries on its database, as well as around 1,000 unpaid monitors, it has locked down the Swinford entry for the time being.

Until, of course, the hacker's interest wanes, and the fickle finger of hackdom moves on...