Freeware makes Windows Vista run faster

Early versions of Vista that yours truly has seen - and installed - so far have been fairly impressive, except for the fact that they hog the available system resources something rotten.

Now IOBit reckons it has solved the bloatware problem with a freeware utility called Advanced WindowsCare Personal, which it claims will analyse and fix all known Vista problems, allowing the operating system to run as efficiently as possible.

IOBit says that, although Vista has been designed to run optimally, it eats too much memory and processing power, meaning that many users get problems with the performance of their PCs.

Unlike complicated repair and protection programs that are designed for network administrators and computer consultants, IOBit says that Advanced WindowsCare Personal lets users detect bottle-necks, eliminate freeze-ups, and lock out privacy threats and spyware.

But do you care how it works? Not really - it's free and can be downloaded from here...