An aid to companies combating fraud

NeXT Replay has successfully enabled a range of organisations to combat unreasonable customer claims through the implementation of its voice recording solution. The network based voice recording system is an easy and affordable solution enabling organisations of any size and in any sector to protect themselves against customer complaints through effective monitoring of critical phone transactions.

As telephone disputes show no signs of abating, a voice recording solution such as NeXT Replay emerges as a strong ally in the fight against false customer claims. It enables organisations to clearly demonstrate their version of events thus counteracting any false allegation and enabling them to protect their assets.

Bob Griffiths, director, NeXT Replay, stated: “It is now estimated that fraud costs the UK in excess of £16 billion each year, with up to 10% of businesses having been the victim of invented or exaggerated claims for compensation from the public. By recording conversations and following up with a clear and written transcript of what was discussed, companies are able to remove any doubt whatsoever and resolve customer complaints easily and efficiently.”

NeXT Replay’ is a totally outsourced application which operates through your existing telephone network. It is set up remotely within a matter of days, and recordings of all telephone conversations are easily obtainable by simply clicking on a series of online links. The solution is not only able to play back any recorded transactions, but users can also gain vital demographics and call statistics.