Phishing incidents soaring - in India

Reports from the Indian CERT team have confirmed that the massive rise in phishing attacks in the West is being mirrored by a similar increase in attacks on the Asian sub-continent.

According to CERT India, phishing incidents in 2006 were 180 per cent higher than 2005, and that trend has carried through into 2007.

The government agency adds that, now that major companies are taking precautions against phishing attacks, the phishers are shifting their focus to the more vulnerable smaller financial institutions such as Indian credit unions.

Interestingly, though, CERT India says it has recorded more consistent phishing incidents in the second half of 2006.

Between July and October, the agency says there were close to 30 incidents recorded every month, 62 per cent of which involved phishing (against 25 per cent in 2005) and 32 per cent of which involved network scanning (against 30 per cent in 2005).

Perhaps most revealing of all was the fact that just three per cent of 2006 reports involved viruses and malware, compared to a percentile of eight per cent in 2005....