OPENREACH reaches 1.5 million LLUs

Openreach - the BT business that manages connections to homes and businesses across the UK - announced today that it will reach 1.5 million unbundled local loops for communication providers this week. LLU lines have increased by 640 per cent since the creation of Openreach in January 2006.

Steve Robertson, chief executive of Openreach, said: “I’m delighted to announce that the LLU market in the UK has officially taken off. It is a tribute to a great deal of hard work and investment, by the whole Openreach team and by our LLU customers, that we have achieved this number. And we’re going to spend around £1bn this year on improving the access network still further.”

He continued: “Openreach is fully committed to ensuring that LLU continues to flourish in the UK, and the explosion in numbers is evidence of that. But we are not only committed to building on this momentum, but also on delivering an excellent level of service to our communication provider customers”.