Chip & PIN - and Watchdog

Quite intriguing to see BBC TV's Watchdog getting to grips with Chip & PIN last night - with a demo of how easy it is to compromise the system and make charges to punter's cards using their stolen PIN.

What I find very frightening, though, is the banks' increasingly arrogant attitude over the fact that customers PINs are being compromised.

It's clear that the flaws in Chip and PIN are costing them more and more money, and they're hiding behind the infallibility of the system (hahahah - Ed) >in order to avoid paying out compo.

This attitude is almost certain to result in one or more court cases against the banks for their refusal to acknowledge the Chip & PIN system is flawed.

And eventually, a consumer is going to be bloody minded enough to allow the case to reach the courts and not be bought off by the bank's legal bods on the court steps.

At that stage, the sh*t really will hit the fan and people will begin to realise what a pile of poo the security (I use that term loosely folks) on Chip & PIN really is...