Vista can't be copied - really - says Microsoft

Despite Microsoft's claims that pirated copies of Vista will progressively self-destruct, no-one seems to have told the street vendors in Mexico City, where they started selling the new operating system disk packs for just $9 at the weekend.

According to Reuters, street vendors there have been doing a roaring trade - especially with US tourists - on DVDs of Vista at 100 pesos (around $9.00) a pop.

The news wire quotes Jose Luis, one of the vendors, as saying that "they always say it can't be copied, but there you go."

Over in Sao Paulo, Brazil's capital city, meanwhile, street sellers were selling Vista's `Ultimate' edition in Portuguese for just 15 Reais (about $7.00). The official version, says Reuters, sells in Brazil for 989 reais.

"No one can afford what they're charging," street trader Carlos told the news wire.

And that's Microsoft's problem. If it starts cutting its price in South America without cutting pricing elsewhere in the world, you can guess where the disks are going to end up...