Nominet Unveils Predictions for UK Internet Domain in 2012

Lesley Cowley, CEO of Nominet, the .uk domain name registry has revealed a vision of the future for the 2012 UK domain market. The future vision was given as part of a presentation at the UK’s Domain Channel conference on Friday 2nd February.

Key predictions include:

1. Full consolidation of Internet and telecommunications market – the realisation of next generation networks produces an Internet without joins

2. Mind the Gap - leading registries leap ahead in service levels, public engagement and infrastructure investment

3. Fewer, more powerful registrars

4. Dominant Domain portfolio holders gain direct access to advertisers

5. Increased Government regulation and intervention

6. Reputational scoring systems in wide use – not just for spam.

Lesley Cowley argues: “Greater numbers of registrations and fewer, more powerful registrars will continue to change the shape of the domain industry in the UK.

“The winners in the industry will be those that have developed the strongest, most trustworthy reputations. Essentially it’s about responsible growth - something that Nominet is keen to promote and encourage.”