Vista - the security flaws are rolling in...

Scarcely has the ink dried on the first Vista sale receipts and it seems that reports of the `real' security flaws have started.

The Istartedsomething Web site has reported two potentially fatal Vista flaws.

The first flaw centres on a bug inside the keyboard and mouse subsystem which enables the targeted system to be hijacked and maliciously delete files, folders, music, torrents and other stuff without the user's authorisation.

The problem seems to stem from the fact that the keyboard and mouse APIs offer an unprecedented amount of control over the operating system, allowing anyone and everyone to have full access to your computer, whether locally or remotely.

The second flaw centres on an undocumented feature in Visual Studio, Microsoft's Windows development platform, which allows unsigned source code to be compiled and executed.

According to reports, the resultant code can be run on a Vista machine and turn up/down, on and off, a number of PC functions.

And just to make life interesting, I noticed their was a posting on the Usenet last night detailing and unconfirmed flaw within Vista that allows maliciously coded disks and CDs that wipe the hard disk using a secure method that `shreds' the files.

Nice programming Microsoft!...