Valentine's Day again - and it's Valentine's spam time again

It is, in case you'd forgotten, Valentine's Day on Wednesday, so you'd better get on with ordering those chocs and flowers on t'Internet.

However, the volume of spam on t'Internet surrounding Valentine's Day is also surging ahead and, says IT security vendor Sophos, shows no signs of abating.

Sophos notes, however, that Netters are starting to learn the lessons of ordering stuff as a result of spam.

The company says that just five per cent of Internet users now admit to purchasing goods sold via spam, compared to nine per cent this time last year.

"The results are in - spammers are no longer facing such an easy ride when it comes to flogging goods, whether they're personalised Valentine's Day gifts or the latest and greatest in ten-day weight-loss medication," said Graham Cluley, Sophos senior technology consultant and sometime Elvis impersonator (huh? -Ed)

"The simple fact is that if no-one bought goods sold via junk email the spammers would stop. It's encouraging to see a drop in the number of people who own up to making purchases, but with the number of email users worldwide, five per cent is still more than enough to keep the spammers in business," he said...